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About this webpage

This webpage was made for informational purposes only - if you are seeking medical help please contact a physician, if you are seeking legal advice please contact a layer.

This webpage is directed at persons without a medical and/or legal background. Particularly the terminology used does not necessarily meet professional medical and/or legal criteria. Hence, certain terms were avoided and colloquialisms used instead. Therefore, looking at this text from a medical/ legal perspective, the contents may not mirror professional literature. In addition, no particular importance was placed on the origin of the terminology used, rather specialized terms and colloquial language were brought together as closely as possible. Furthermore, we have not cited all legal statements/opinions as is required in judicial literature.

If you are a legal advisor or a physician and contest our wording, we kindly advise you to take note of our objective to reach out solely to non-professionals. Our goal was to write as simply as possible. Relevant literature and specialized publications are available but might not provide the help non-professionals, not versed in medical or judicial language, seek.

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